Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Unperceived by the naked eyes,
Their mysterious purpose unfold.
Affecting our everyday lives,
Immense significance they hold.

Replicas of the adult world,
Subtly are these amusement devices designed.
Confining innocent minds,
They illucidate gender roles that have been assigned.

She is a confined being,
Amidst four walls.
Cooking and grooming were ingrained in her,
With kitchen sets and Barbie dolls.

Alternatively, his dreams have always been sky high,
Fluttering with aeroplanes,
Great freedom they signify.

This is the cryptic meaning that they imply.
Thereby they cease to be mere toys.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Togetherness was a bliss,
Moving apart is pain.
You gotta realise the difference, else
The essence of your relation is all in vain.

The moment you realise this difference,
You are together again.
If you don't,
You'll end up calculating not the loss,
But what you have gained.

Forgotten are all the moments and promises,
Voracity and warmth also diminishes.
Time, no doubt, cures it all.
Thus there always remain an insurmountable wall.

Getting back to reality after the fall,
Ain't no easy task,
It calls forth great effort afterall.
And with a facial mask life goes on.


No codes to decipher,
Simplified it is.
Comprehended by all,
The state of an elated bliss.
Qualifications not a prerequisite for this universal language.
It stands the same, whether a literate or a savage.

Contagious - it spreads,
Geographical boundaries unseen.
To the world it mean joys umpteen.

Timeless - no generation gap it considers,
Truly, a freedom from all the fears.
In the journey from fantasies of childhood to an aged with a Perspective so clear,
It leaves its ever-lasting memories to be treasured forever that are
Oh! so dear.