Thursday, March 20, 2008


No codes to decipher,
Simplified it is.
Comprehended by all,
The state of an elated bliss.
Qualifications not a prerequisite for this universal language.
It stands the same, whether a literate or a savage.

Contagious - it spreads,
Geographical boundaries unseen.
To the world it mean joys umpteen.

Timeless - no generation gap it considers,
Truly, a freedom from all the fears.
In the journey from fantasies of childhood to an aged with a Perspective so clear,
It leaves its ever-lasting memories to be treasured forever that are
Oh! so dear.


Anonymous said...


Left a smile on my face.. :)

Smiling Serpent said...

lovely.......i turned off the gangsta rap i was listening to just so that i cud read it with full attention a second time.

thanks for commenting on my blog.

keep blogging, and keep smiling :-)

Muse said...

u write really well...hw come i don c ya postin on ah.poetry?
chck out ma blog too!

Rishabh P Nair said...

wonderfully written :)

Shawn said...

Nice poetry! I'd like to read some more!

My best to you and your continued efforts.

Anonymous said...

ever tried publishing your verse?